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Dear “Perfect Family”

You are not alone, and you do not need to hide!

Actually, the worst thing you can do is to keep it to yourself. Whether you are the principal of a school, the CEO of a successful business, a mother in charge of the women’s community group, the pastor of a local church, or a family held in high esteem by their neighbors, do not allow your social standing to keep you from finding help for you or a loved one. Addiction does not care about reputation. Overdose is no respecter of persons.

New Life USA has not only been able to help those who are battling with addiction, but they have also been able to assist thousands of families who are encountering the trials of having an addicted loved one.

There have been a variety of people who have come through the program. None have ever been discriminated against. New life understands that all different types of people from all different types of families can fall to the lure of addiction, and New Life USA is here to help anyone and everyone who is willing to make a serious and necessary life change.

Statistics now show that over half of the population knows a family member or friend who has an alcohol or drug addiction. The numbers increase when we factor in all of the additional addictions that there are such as pornography, food, shopping, etc. Addiction is no respecter of someone’s achievements, class, or status. (https://www.pewresearch.org/short-reads/2017/10/26/nearly-half-of-americans-have-a-family-member-or-close-friend-whos-been-addicted-to-drugs/).



Dear, so-called, “perfect family”,

Do not try to hide.

There is no such thing as a perfect family, anyway. Every family has struggles and hardships of various kinds. If you have an addicted loved one, there is hope and help.


On average, 264 people die of drug overdoses, and an average of 383 people die from excessive alcohol consumption every day.


These are not just people living on the streets or in crack houses, but these are your friends, your neighbors, and your family members. Addiction is a ticking time bomb and can consume an individual in just a moment’s notice. Do not let anything hold you back from reaching out for help.


New Life USA is here 24/7 to help any individual who sees that they need to make a life change and for any family member who is at a loss of where to turn.

Through this 20 month, free of charge, program, any individual who genuinely seeks this assistance will have the opportunity to receive life-changing help, encouragement, and direction.

Call today with any questions you may have. Do not wait.
Someone’s life depends on it.