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Substance Abuse Recovery Program, Free of Charge


New Life was called to begin a program in the USA by partners, colleagues and parents of addicts. The Missouri Facility was founded in 2007 and began doing its work on 105 acres of country land with one old house, 2 barns, a few staff members, and our first clients.

Our Facility in Cabool, Missouri is located on a beautiful piece of land surrounded by the Ozark mountains, lush forests, deep valleys, rolling hills and a beautiful river that flows right through the property. This is the perfect place to get away from the city bustle and find peace in countryside serenity. The Facility offers outdoor and recreational activities including a sauna, fishing, greenhouse gardens and stone working.

The Missouri Facility performs work activities including farming & hay production, honey bee farm, landscaping, catering, food truck, hospitality services, handyman and repair services, etc. All funds that are raised from work activities go to support Facility development and Program expansion.

With continued growth and aid from partners, New Life built a dormitory for gentlemen, a dormitory for ladies, a guest house, office, and a recreational area. Today, the Facility is still developing and expanding to be able to welcome new program participants at our free rehab center in Missouri.


We house up to 50 people.

Occupancy Regulations

2-3 people per dorm room.

Safe Environment

The facility has a non-discrimination policy and follows all safety regulations.