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Free of Charge Substance Abuse Recovery Program

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The recovering service is free and is founded on the voluntary desire of people to support this crucial work. If you wish to become a New Life Partner you can do so by selecting the location you wish to support (Missouri or Nevada) and then select the information form, a pdf file, which you can print and mail or fax back to us. This form is available in Russian or English and addresses many alternate methods of support for those who are uncomfortable using computers or smartphones.

your Help matters

How you can help


We would appreciate a minister who could organize youth services or conferences.

Financial support

Without external financial support, our existence would be very difficult. Every dollar counts. See donation options below.


There is much work to be done. People are needed for the construction of the church and other buildings.


Here at “New Life USA”, we believe in the power of prayer to transform lives and aid in everyday struggles. Your prayers matter.

Your help matters

Donation process

Any of your donations will be of significant assistance in the reconstruction of someone’s new life.

Financial support

You can make one time or recurring donations to either center. We are saving souls with the money donated to us. All donations are tax deductible. we will provide proof of your donation which you can use on your taxes.

Become a partner

Help support us financially on a monthly basis. To become a monthly sponsor, you can select the donation button(s) below for the center of your choice and then select recurring donation option. “New Life USA”

Purchase or sell our products

We have an assortment of products ranging from T-shirts (with Christian symbols and inscriptions), stone, granite, wood, bath caps, and other products of the sort.

Other ways to support

Without external support, our existence would be very difficult. If you can help us with construction material or equipment, we would be grateful for any materials you can donate.

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Donate to New Life USA MISSOURI

As a non-profit (501c(3)) organization, we rely on the money earned inside our center, on donations, and on volunteer work. Many opportunities await anyone who has an interest in serving God by giving, praying, or volunteering here at “New Life USA”.

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Donate to New Life USA Nevada

New Life USA Nevada Center serves as extension of New Life USA Missouri Recovery Center. This location was selected in order to better serve our large base of rehabilitants that come from California and also for it large potential farming acreage. It was originally a ranch with the appropriate access, structures and facilities to get a good head start and rapid operation.

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The recovery service is free and is founded on the voluntary desires of a person to escape a substance abuse. The main requirement is that such person desires change and desires to leave their past addictions and past life behind.

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your Help matters


We have a lot of projects we are working on. Please provide your charitable support and prayer! We appreciate any other help and if you can help us with construction material or equipment, we would be grateful to accept any materials you are able to donate.

Let's Work Together!

Understanding that substance abuse is a spiritual problem, our Rehab center appeals to volunteers who feel called to serve God in by giving leadership and example. Specifically we appeal to those, that upon hearing this calling, feel moved to help our cause. We ask for help with youth services, seminary, and conferences.

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