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“New Life USA” is a non-profit ORGANIZATION

We have successfully provided a substance abuse recovery program since 2007, free of charge for its clients. We are faith-based Ministry with a therapeutic community recovery method. The result of our ministry is hundreds of saved lives and recovered families. During the recovery process we help our residents to develop life and trade skills that prepare them for the future. We speak English, Russian and Armenian languages.

How We Help

Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve based on Bible Proverbs 24:11 “Save those who are being led to their death; rescue those who are about to be killed”. Our Mission is to fight until drug addiction has be eliminated; to never stop to serve people in need; to multiply our ministry to save more people.

We lead people to freedom from substance abuse including alcohol and drug dependancy. We believe in God’s power to break the chains and give a new life in any situation.

We help people to develop a variety of practical skills such as skills in farming, construction with special expertise in stonework/masonry, automotive servicing and auto repair.

We prepare our clients as missionaries for the future, teaching them to apply their knowledge and skills to assist other people in recovery from substance abuse addiction.


We welcome everyone. Nationality, ethnicity, status, religion or denominations are not important to us. Only one crucial indicator is necessary to get into the program is a strong desire for change. Our goal is rebuilt their physical straight and personal character, so they can become valuable and productive citizens of society.

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Our Principles

What We Believe

We believe that God helps addicts to get free from addiction and start a new life if they have strong personal motivation and a desire for radical changes.

  We believe that addiction is a BIO-PSICHO-SOCIAL-SPIRITUAL problem and we work with these four components.

  We strongly believe that NO ONE is HOPELESS, and IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE.

 We believe that you have a real chance given in terrible circumstances you may have.

People Behind The Center

Meet Our Team

Sergei Matevosian

Sergei Matevosian

Nataliia Matevosian

Nataliia Matevosian

Sergei Razov

Sergei Razov

Irina Razova

Irina Razova

Ekaterina Zveniatskovskaia

Ekaterina Zveniatskovskaia

Alexandr Zveniatskovskiy

Alexandr Zveniatskovskiy

David Matevosian

David Matevosian

Anastasiia Matevosian

Anastasiia Matevosian

Gleb Gubarev & Iuliia Gubareva

Gleb Gubarev & Iuliia Gubareva

David Vartanyan

David Vartanyan

Olga Melnichuk

Olga Melnichuk

Aleksei Savinovskii

Aleksei Savinovskii

Youth Ministry

We have youth ministry in our center. Despite the age, young members have over 4 years of experience.

  • Nikita  Pavlov;
  • Efrem Razov;
  • Daniil Razov;
  • Dimitrii Zveniatckovskii;
  • Svetlana Savinovskaia.

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More Volunteers

We have many people who are willing to help others. They have from 1 to over 20 years experience.

  • Lyubov G. Briginets;
  • Igor Shultzev;
  • Svetlana Shultzev;
  • Timothy Atkins;
  • Terry L. Brown;


  • William Wright;
  • Paul Murray;
  • Tatyana V. Grandt;
  • Yevgeniy Balaban;
  • Arutyun Yervandyan.

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OUR Departments

We have developed our main projects such as Construction, Auto shop, Agricultural, and T-shirt production at the Missouri facility.


This department is real farm that produces hay on 60 acres of land, harvesting annually about 60 tons of natural grass. We founded a honey bee farm for 60 bee families, and we get very good quality, high-grade honey, at least 600 lb. each year. We also have a small pig farm.


The Shop is arranged to maintain the Center’s vehicles, heavy and agriculture equipment, and to provide services in neighborhood. There are great opportunities for men to acquire useful professions, such as automobile mechanic, welder, and body & paint specialist.

Chicken house

Chicken house is created to provide healthy and organic food for the all residents of the recovery center. We get very good quality, high-grade meet over the year. This department also helps to provide training and great work experience for our clients and volunteers. In the world of artificially grown food, having such department is a real advantage for all of us.

Construction, stonework

This department is designed to develop and build the essentials for the facility. With the maintenance of the structures and landscape, the primary purpose of this department is to provide training and great work experience for clients. Also, we offer construction services to the public so we can raise funds to invest in the recovery program.

T-shirts production

It is a creative project that is designed for making t-shirts with Christian logos of hope, in different sizes and colors. Everyone who participates in this department has a chance to express personal emotions, while obtaining new skills.


Landscaping department is created to decorate the facility and to provide training to our clients. Also, we offer landscaping services to the public to raise funds to support the recovery program and keep it free of charge.

Midwestern Location

Our Center in Missouri


In 1999, Sergei Matevosian was invited to the United States to exchange experiences with American churches. For the next 8 years, assistants and Sergei made regular missionary trips to the USA. Church leaders, parents of addicted children, and other caring people encouraged us to establish New Life in America. As a result, in 2007 we started New Life USA in the state of Missouri.
We began with 105 acres of wild land with one old house, 2 barns, a few staff members, Sergei, and our first clients.
The earliest project was a dormitory for 40 gentlemen, and later on – a dormitory for 25 ladies.
Since that time, with the support of many partners and churches, the Center has grown with facilities, clients, and programs. 

Together, we built a guest house and office, sauna, and a recreational area; another new building, over 2,000 sf, is currently under construction.

New Life is continuously developing, moving forward, looking for new possibilities and projects, and opening new departments. Today, the New Life Missouri facility may take in what do you mean? Accept? Take in? Guide? Counsel? Nurture? up to 50 residents. In the years since we opened, New Life USA Center in Missouri has rescued hundreds of people who have a new chance to live a fulfilling, healthy, and happy life. With God’s help, we guide people to acquire moral skills and restore their broken hearts.
The motto of the New Life team is: “Save those taken to death, …” (Proverbs 24:11).


Capacity 15-35

We house 15 to 35 people simultaneously. We have no space deficiency.


There is no overcrowding. For now we have a sufficient amount of room.


We need more staff to be able to serve more people that are in need.

Western Location


New Life USA-Nevada Recovery Center, the second facility in the US, was established on November 2015 as an extension of New Life USA Missouri. More people in need will have an opportunity to achieve sobriety. The successful graduates from the Missouri Center’s initial 12-month stage will be transferred to Nevada to receive the second 8- month leadership training component.
A team of staff-members and volunteers are now preparing the new facility for twenty-four residents that will be licensed by the Nevada Health Department.

Our current priorities are:

✓ Dormitory. This is the most important project for the facility development. A two floor building of 3,832 sq. feet. which will accommodate 16 residents is planned. It will include an equipped kitchen, dining room and storage. At this time we are going through the planning and permitting processes, as required by the State of Nevada. Hopefully, we will start to build in the spring of 2019. Only with the completion of this building, will New Life be able to accept people into the recovery process and launch a functioning program.


✓ Livestock. This component involves the raising of high quality Black Angus cattle on 380 acres of land. We also produce alfalfa hay and have recently put a new irrigation system. We have 40 head now and plan to grow to 300 cattle pairs. Daily activities include caring for our cattle, improving pastures and renewing equipment and structures. We believe that involving residents in working the land and livestock is very beneficial for the development of agriculture and professional skills, as well as enhancing moral development and self- responsibility.

✓ Auto Shop. All types of auto service take place, from basic maintenance to very complicated repairs including: suspension, body, engine and transmission repair, tire repair and balancing. Auto shop teaches our residents very useful knowledge and workforce skills that they may apply for the future careers.

New Life USA-Nevada is a massive project that requires much strength and investment. We strongly believe that GOD has brought us here to multiply our ministry. We follow our main goal – to stop the cycle of addiction and provide help for healing and successful recovery.



Understanding that substance abuse is a spiritual problem, our Recovery center appeals to volunteers who feel called to serve God in by giving leadership and example. Specifically we appeal to those, that upon hearing this calling, feel moved to help our cause. We ask for help with youth services, seminary, and conferences.

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