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Substance Abuse Recovery Program, Free of Charge

New Life USA

NEW LIFE USA – is a non-profit corporation that carries out a free of charge substance abuse recovery program. Our Ministry is international, faith based and non-denominational.

The New Life was established in 1994 and expanded to countries including: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Israel, and USA.

The New Life USA recovery program in the US is carried out in two locations in Cabool, Missouri & Lovelock, Nevada. Since establishing New Life USA in 2007, hundreds of lives have changed through the program. The New Life team strongly believes that no one is hopeless, and the impossible is possible. The New Life mission is to fight to eliminate drug addiction, to serve people in need, and to expand the ministry to give more people the opportunity for a new life through free drug rehab centers in Missouri & Nevada.

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.” (Isaiah 9:2)


The Program is based to help on the absolutely voluntary desire of an individual who has substance abuse and other addictions, or an individual in a difficult life situation through our rehab centers in Missouri & Nevada.

The program participants must be aware that he/she has a detrimental addiction and must have a sincere desire and strong motivation to get rid of it.

We can’t help those who deny the presence of the problem or do not want to solve it.

New Life program is a long-term, 20 month, that consists of four stages, during which a program participant gets rid of chemical addiction, restores physical condition, changes his/her bad habits, begins emotional and moral recovery, adapts to a healthy lifestyle, get the basic live and trade skills, builds labor and leadership skills, prepares to transition to life in society and to recover broken relationships through our free rehab centers in Missouri & Nevada.


New Life offers a recovery program based on BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIO-SPIRITUAL components. By New Life Definition, addiction is the Bio-Psycho-Socio-Spiritual problem, and during the 20 months long-term recovery program our staff team works with program participants through these four components.

The New Life belief is that a short-term program brings a brief result, whereas a long-term program brings predominantly life-long results.


You may be experiencing pain and confusion. When a loved one is suffering from substance abuse or any addiction, their families and friends feel hurt and experience a lot of stress. What can you do in this situation? Take the first step and contact us for a free consultation.

there is hope! Our facility offers free of charge professional help to lead addicts to achieve life-long recovery through our free rehab centers in Missouri & Nevada.