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New Life is a FAITH-BASED & NON-DENOMINATIONAL program. Participants are encouraged to take part in Bible studies and events with local churches and ministries.

New Life USA is NOT MEDICAL FACILITIES and does not provide detox or any medical/mental services. Participants are required to pass a physician exam and medical tests before admission. No narcotic or sedative medication is allowed during the Program.

The Program is based on the absolutely voluntary desire of an individual who has substance abuse and other addictions, or an individual in a difficult life situation.

All participants are treated with dignity and respect, provided with a safe and comfortable environment. All personal information is kept private and confidential.

The Facility prohibits any discrimination including bullying, abuse or harassment, on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV status.

The Program is carried out in Lovelock, NV and Cabool, MO. Rotation between the two Facilities is an ordinary part of the program and may be done several times.

The Facility presents an in-house residential program. The program participants are not required to pay for any part of their stay, including lodging, meals, maintenance, program fees, etc. Funds are raised from contributions, fundraising activities and work activities. Program participants are encouraged to partake in making different products & services. Work activities are a direct part of the ministry and help program participants develop basic life & trade skills, which they will practice in their New Life after the program.

Our program follows a flexible daily work routine. Work therapy is a method of cultivating responsibility, creativity, and professionality, and helps developing basic life and work skills. All residents are involved in work activities; we do agri & farming, facility and equipment repairs, cooking, product sales, office duties. Sunday is usually a rest day with various indoor and outdoor activities.

Smoking, alcohol, drugs, any form of abuse, profanity, stealing, lying, disruption of program activities are prohibited. Personal items including phones, computers, any form of payment, and any valuables are also prohibited. Breaking the rules can lead to disciplinary actions or termination from the program.

The Senior-Junior system is one of the distinguishing aspects of the Program. Senior participants help Juniors to successfully adapt to the program.

Communication is limited to mail correspondence and scheduled calls and visits with family members or authorized individuals.

Upon completion of the full 20-month Program, the Facility provides a Certificate of successful completion of the Program.

Refundable Security Deposit up to $1,500 must be submitted prior to arrival. The deposit is returned upon 20 -month program completion. If the participant leaves the Program, the security deposit is forfeited.


STEP 1. Call for a consultation. All correspondence is free-of-charge – link.

STEP 2. Go through the Interview

STEP 3. Fill out a Pre Contract

STEP 4. Request a copy of the full Recovery Contract by email for personal inspection and understanding.

STEP 5. Schedule your arrival to New Life



We welcome everyone. Nationality, ethnicity, status, religion or denominations are not important to us. Only one crucial indicator is necessary to get into the program is a strong desire for change. Our goal is rebuilt their physical straight and personal character, so they can become valuable and productive citizens of society.

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