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Hitting Rock Bottom

New Life USA has been able to help thousands who have hit their rock bottom. Hitting rock bottom means that to make a lasting change in one’s life, one has to fully open their eyes to the problem at hand and admit to themselves that to go any further down will offer no more second chances.



Hitting rock bottom means waking up to the reality that one has greatly damaged their life!

Hitting rock bottom means seeking help and accountability no matter how extreme the next steps have to be. Hitting rock bottom means that every decision from then on out is made to get out of the dark pit one has dug for themselves. 


The Diamond at Your Rock Bottom 

The amazing reality is that when someone has hit the bottom of their pit, there is a treasured diamond that awaits. Diamonds are formed at rock bottom.

The process in which a growing diamond undertakes is unbelievably stressful and rigorous.

This gem begins to develop from teeny tiny carbon atoms deep in the earth. These atoms, from extreme temperatures and pressure, then form to be what we know as the precious jewel called a diamond. These diamonds then sit deep within the earth just waiting to be discovered and cherished. 


Looking Up 

Even after all the pressure, dangerous situations, terrible decisions, broken relationships, physical damages, and mental repercussions, there can still be a precious jewel waiting for the one who has hit rock bottom.

One must accept the reality of the destruction of their life and look upward to the amazing possibilities that await them at the top of the pit.


The Condition

There is a condition to finding this precious jewel at one’s lowest point. 
The condition is to recognize that one cannot go any further down.
One must admit to themselves that they are in a powerless position and are truly ready to start the journey out of the depths of the pit. 


Help Beyond the Pit 

At New Life USA, there is no rock bottom too deep to seek help for.

That is, if the one in the pit is willing to make the most drastic change in their life. This turn around takes dedication, discipline, and a total BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIO-SPIRITUAL transformation. 


New Life USA is here 24/7 to speak to those who find themselves at rock bottom and are ready to make a radical life change. There is no greater time to find that diamond at your rock bottom.

The time is now!