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Attention needed! This is an important message from the team at New Life USA. Dear friends! For the last 25 years in Russia and 12 years in USA the battle to save dying people has been fought by caring and dedicated children of God. The Lord Himself has formed the team for His work to be done and each player is working according to their strength, but there are brothers who are and should be taken as an example of what true followers of Christ ought to be! One of the most energetic and fruitful workers who has been dedicated to the work of the Center regardless of his age (he is only 74…! is Uncle Dave, David Vartanian. He is a good shepherd, sacrificial follower of Christ, a movie producer, one of our Board of Directors, a true friend and partner of the Mission.

He has a huge heart which demonstrates his ability to accept someone’s else pain and to show compassion. He is always under such great pressure that it has manifested in physical form. This extraordinary man of God is facing open heart surgery. His consultation with a surgeon is scheduled on July 3rd, 2019. We urge you to start fasting and praying diligently from now until the day of the surgery in order for the name of our God to be glorified through the surgery itself and the future life of our dear Uncle Dave! We thank you and ask you to share this post with all your friends. Please, do so and thank you again very very much. May God bless you richly.